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CRAIG TILEY ~ Aviation Artist

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Acrylics on Canvas

A Vulcan aircraft in 1950s RAF 'prototype' white livery.

Original for sale (framed): 395


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'Evening Sortie'

Acrylics on Canvas (30" x 20")

This painting is available for sale, priced 585. (Framed)


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'Mission Accomplished'

Acrylics on Canvas (18" x 24")

The pilot of a Republic P47 D 'Thunderbolt' climbs out the cockpit after a successful mission.
Reference for the painting was taken at the Royal International Air Tattoo, Fairford, 2004.

This painting is available to buy for 435.00


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Acrylics on Canvas (30" x 16")

I have lived under the flight path to RAF Lyneham all my life and have become very familiar with the sight and sound of Hercules aircraft descending overhead on their approach to the airbase. Naturally, I would decide to produce a painting of one of these aircraft. This painting was completed in time for the 2003 Guild of Aviation Artists' annual exhibition, where it was subsequently sold.

I started this painting with the main intention of creating a very dramatic image, using shafts of light to illuminate the aeroplane. The colours were slightly experimental for me, as it was the first time I'd used purple in any of my work.

The original painting is now part of a private collection in Spain.

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'Home for Christmas?'

Acrylics on Canvas (35" x 25")

My favourite aircraft design without doubt is the Avro Lancaster Bomber, almost certainly due to the famous 'Dambusters' film, which I never tire of watching.

The title of the painting is deliberately ambiguous to reflect the precarious state in which the aircraft is depicted, showing many signs of damage as it limps home from a bombing run over Germany. In fact, this particular aircraft (Avro Lancaster B1 NG358) survived the war after successfully completing many more missions.

This painting was produced specifically for the 2002 Guild of Aviation Artists' annual exhibition. The original painting has since been sold and is now part of a private collection in Spain.

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